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"Knowledge is power."

sheet music

Here are some songs you can print and play. The first group were written using Sibelius music notation software. You can view and hear a playback of these songs by downloading Scorch, a free plug-in from Sibelius. If you have Internet Explorer, simply run the download. However, if you have Mozilla Firefox as your web browser, when you are running the plug-in installer (after downloading it to your hard disk) make sure to check the box that says "Manually Choose Browser Directory" and then point it to your Plugins directory when it asks for it (usually C:\Program Files\Firefox\Plugins, but check first). Scorch is very cool.

I'll Tell The Man In The Street

A classic but little-known song by Richard Rodgers--Lorenz Hart from 1938's "I Married An Angel." The melody and the chords are beautiful and the song is simple to play if you know chord symbols and inversions (hint hint--The Marty Method explains these!)

The Ash Grove

This is a particularly lovely Welsh folk song. You've probably heard this melody before and not known the name of the song. This is fairly easy and has only one relatively tricky passage at measures 24-25.

Happy Birthday

Everyone should be able to play "Happy Birthday" at the piano. This simple version, in the key of C major, is destined to be a classic. I've even allowed you to download and print this song for your very own use at home.

Shallow Thoughts

A Jourard original, showcasing my budding compositional style, influenced by French composers, waltzes, and prenatal memories. This one features a melody that is casually tossed back and forth between the left and right hands. Nothing to it, folks.

New! Improved Waltz!

Another composition from the mind of Jourard. I like miniatures. Also, it's a lot easier to begin writing music in short form, such as this eight-bar thingy. Tiny steps for tiny minds. I think of these songs as sort of meditations. Seriously.

El Choclo Cha Cha

This great Argentine tango is a show stopper. Play at your next recital or show and watch people go wild for the melody and exotic latin feel.

Gospel Chords

Gospel piano style is a wide and wonderful genre of music. Aretha Franklin is known for her voice but few realize how great a pianist she is and that she played piano on most of her early hits. Slash chords are a big feature wherein the left hand plays a note different from the root of the right hand chord. This is my demonstration of a gospel-style chord progression.

O Come All Ye Faithful

This tune, also known as Adeste Fideles (latin for you know what) consists of the melody in treble clef with chord symbols above the notes where you play chords with your left hand. If you read the Marty Method instructional text you will know how to play chords from symbols. This is a beautiful song. Why play anything else?

Autumn Leaves

One of the greatest standards of all time, I've arranged this with chord inversions that keep the left hand close to the right hand melody part...this is one of those "must learn" jazz standards.


How many ways can you harmonize a melody? The upper staff repeats a six note motif and the lower staff harmonizes the motif, illustrating the effect of harmony on melody.

The songs below this line are .PDF files. Go ahead and download ADOBE READER to view and print these.

Fur Elise

This beloved chesnut of the classical recital world is vastly popular, and this version is a doozy.

Over the Rainbow

This is the lyrics to Over the Rainbow with the chord symbols above the words. If you know chords by their symbols, and know the melody to this timeless classic (voted the Most Popular American Standard by some survey a few years ago), you can sing and play this song with just the words and chord symbols.