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"Knowledge is power."

music links

Listed below are some links I have found interesting and useful, or just plain fun, with a description of each link.

Erik Satie Website

Erik Satie (1865--1925) was one of the most innovative and original composers of his time, or any other time. He invented Muzak, Serial composition, sound synchronization to movies, neo-Classicism, and was just plain brilliant. He embodies the concept "ahead of his time." The music world is still catching up with him. This is the definitive site.

Free Sheet Music Downloads

There are some good classical pieces and Scott Joplin and Chrsitmas songs here, all available as .pdf files that print out exactly like store-bought sheet music.

Jamie Aebersold Jazz Instruction Media

Jamie Aebersold has been creating "play along" records with jazz instruction books for thirty years. You play along with a very good rhythm section, serious jazz players, and read the music and improvise along with them. The volumes on playing the blues and on major and minor jamming are absolutely great. There are hundreds of these instruction book/CD combinations, and a wealth of other instructional media. This guy is the real thing.

The Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music

I don't know who Lester S. Levy was, but he has the best collection of sheet music I've ever seen. Just check out these absolutely astounding covers! Thanks Lester!

Music Biz Academy

This website is a major resource on how to promote your music on the Internet. Plenty of great articles. Author David Nevue's "How to Promote Your Music Succesfully on the Internet" contains all you need to know about setting up a website and making it run. I purchased this book and I've learned a great deal from it...highly recommended. Check it out.

The Piano Website

All about the piano...history, technical stuff, find a piano tuner, and a whole lot more.

Jovino Santos Neto

Jovino is a Brazilian composer/musician/teacher who teaches at Cornish in Seattle. His website contains a vast quantity of information about Brazilian music and the roots of Bossa Nova. I took a piano lesson from him in May 2005 and I'm still absorbing what he showed me. Check it out.